Company Holdings

Ummahzon LLC work hard on bringing cutting edge websites here are Ummahzon LLC holding which Ummahzon LLC owns and operates:


ummahzon is a website which caters to Muslims and other consumers. It is the only Muslim Marketplace where vendors can sell products weather it is Islamic or general merchandise.

Ummahzon Deals USA

Ummahzon Deals is a daily deals website which gives local and product deals 40-70% off retail price. Ummahzon Deals is available to the USA market

Ummahzon Deals India

Ummahzon Deals India was launched in 2014 for the Indian market. The website is offered only in India and they are primarily focusing in the cities of Banglore, Lucknow and Kanpur.

Quran Lessons Online

Quran Lessons Online was launched in 2010. It gave the opportunity for children as well as adults to learn the Quran with Tajweed. Quran Lessons Online is working on a Hifz (memorization) program in 2014.

Masjid Project Funder

Masjid Project Funder is a website launched in 2014 and is a Crowd Funding website. It was originally focused on crowd funding Mosques, but we expanded the categories to also include schools, causes, disaster relief, business, etc.  Muslim’s as well as non-Muslims can use the website for their funding needs

SJ Creative Designs

SJ Creative Designs is where all the magic happens. SJ Creative Designs handles all the design and development of Ummahzon LLC website. SJ Creative Designs works hard to build websites to the clients needs, you can see for yourself by looking at our websites.

Ayesha Fashions

Ayesha Fashion launched in 2013. The time has come where men should also have a portal where they can buy clothes just like the woman. Ayesha Fashion focuses on mens fashion trends for Indian-Pakistani clothes.

Zabiha 2 U

Zabiha 2 U is a new business launching in late February 2014. Zabiha 2 U is launching as a delivery service in the Tampa bay area and surrounding areas. The service provides residence and business delivery of Halal Zabiha Meat and Groceries to their door step.  Zabiha 2 U hopes to expand to other cities and states. The convenience of ordering online and paying online makes the shopping experience easy and fast plus they are getting it delivered the next day.

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Zabiha 2 U Launching February 2014

Ummahzon LLC has begun the process of launching of Zabiha 2 U. Zbiha 2 U will begin its operation in Tampa bay and surrounding areas. be sure to keep coming back for updates!

Ummahzon LLC coming to India

Ummahzon LLC is working on a marketing partnership in India to launch their Ummahzon Deals website for the Indian Consumer. Set to launch next year, Ummahzon LLC believes the partnership will bring great profit and exposure to the Ummahzon Brand. For more on this partnership subscribe to Ummahzon LLC news update or come back to the News page for updated information.