Syed Jafar Rizvi- Founder/CEO/President

Syed Jafar Rizvi goes by his middle name as Jafar. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Jafar has been in retail, sales and management for over 15 years. Working with large corporate chains Jafar learned the skills to leaarn what needs to be done to build a company from the ground up. Jafar has a Bachelors in Project Management and has used that knowledge to build a successful company. Jafar has also wanted to live his dreams and as the company slogan ” Making Dreams a Reality” is something Jafar takes seriously. By looking all the holding Jafar has started you can see what he has his hands in.



Usman Irfan- Director of Purchasing/ Human Resource Manager

Usman Irfan was born and raised in barabanki India. His background is in Islamic edcuation where he studied as an Alim in Lucknow. Usman Irfan Joined Ummahzon LLC when Quran lessons Online was launched as being the first person to be involved in it’s succesful Online School. Over the years Usman has been a key player in bringing Quran Lessons to its 4th year in teaching students

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Zabiha 2 U Launching February 2014

Ummahzon LLC has begun the process of launching of Zabiha 2 U. Zbiha 2 U will begin its operation in Tampa bay and surrounding areas. be sure to keep coming back for updates!

Ummahzon LLC coming to India

Ummahzon LLC is working on a marketing partnership in India to launch their Ummahzon Deals website for the Indian Consumer. Set to launch next year, Ummahzon LLC believes the partnership will bring great profit and exposure to the Ummahzon Brand. For more on this partnership subscribe to Ummahzon LLC news update or come back to the News page for updated information.